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What to Expect

MCBC is a church where you can come grow with perfectly IMPERFECT people who are following Jesus.  We care about YOU!  We aren't concerned with what you're wearing.  We don't care who you did or didn't vote for.  We don't care what color your hair is or how many tattoos you have.  We're a church full of imperfect, broken people who are coming to know Jesus and serving other together, regardless of your story.  There is a place for you at MCBC.  We believe that you belong!

If you've never been to MCBC, here's what you should expect…

  • Family.   MCBC is more than just a church.  We are a family!  We genuinely care for each other.  We laugh together.  We celebrate with each other.  We cry together.  We even occasionally disagree with one another.  But in the end, we are family and we would be honored to be your Alaskan Family.
  • Friends.  MCBC is not just a group of people who come together for a couple of hours on Sunday.  We are friends with each other, and not just on Facebook!  We enjoy spending time with one another.  We are invested in one another.  Everyone needs more friends, and you never know…your next BFF might just be waiting for you at MCBC!
  • Faith.  MCBC is serious about helping you to grow in your daily walk with Christ.  We strive hard to make sure that our worship is Biblical, reflective, family-friendly and God-honoring.  Our messages are Biblical, relevant and have application to your daily life. 

MCBC is not a perfect church by any means.  We face the same struggles and have the same frustrations that you have.  We have simply come to the understanding that our God loves us, even in our brokenness.  Everyone is important at MCBC, and everyone belongs:  every color, every shape, every personality, and people with every kind of story imaginable.  We trust God's Word completely, even when we don't fully understand it.  We love meeting new people!

We hope to meet you soon…we're saving a seat for you!

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