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Principled Study Group

Principled Study Group

"To secure the future liberty and prosperity of our children, it is essential to rebuild the culture upon the founding principles that formed the idea of America, structured its liberty, and upheld the inalienable rights belonging to its people.

Rebuilding culture upon Biblical principles begins with equipping the family, the church, and the school in local communities with Godly truth applicable to all areas of life. The Principled Studies Groups can help restore Godly channels of knowledge and wisdom to parents and children, to pastors and Sunday school teachers, and to patriots and community-minded organizations. "

-- Excerpted from https://face.net/enlightening-the-nation-community-by-community/

Because the American system of government is structured by eternal, Biblically-defined principles, the sustenance of the Republic depends upon educating each generation of our young in those principles that are germane to America and that enable “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” -- FACE 

We will begin a study of The Bible and the Constitution of the United States of America.

From FACE:

Why are Americans so willing to relinquish the ideal of self-government to an enlarging and ever-encroaching federal government? Why are we relinquishing our property rights? How can we accept iposed limits on our religious freedom? Who should be held responsible for the nation?

The Bible and the Constitution has the answer to these questions and many more perplexing challenges. It is for those who cherish the Constitution and hold self-governance dear. As each generation is less literate in the history and principles of liberty, this book is a daybreak of truth.

There is no charge to participate but each participant is asked to have their own copy of the book, available through Foundation for American Christian Education.


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