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Co-op Information


Purpose Statement

We exist to provide a community of support, encouragement, and accountability to families invested in home-centered education from a Biblical worldview, to bring the authority of Scripture and the truth of the Gospel of Christ into every facet of life and learning. We accomplish this through offering cooperative learning experiences, field trips, mom's nights, teaching opportunities, and more in an atmosphere of mutual care and respect for one another. 

Program Descriptions

Morning Program

Our morning program includes five classes: Science, Fine Arts, Presentations, Memory Work, and Special. It offers no skills-based instruction (i.e. reading, writing, mathematics) but rather is supplemental--meant to be used in addition to any skills-based instruction you're already doing at home. This program operates with a specific history and science focus each year, which can be easily transferred to your homeschool plan, utilizing the curricula of your choice. This allows for easy integration of co-op and home studies, giving greater coherence overall to your homeschool. 

Afternoon Enrichment

Our afternoon enrichment program is an extension of our morning program with a focus on history and geography. We flesh out our history through reading and follow up with related crafts and activities. Other activities include free play and anything else that may augment the lesson and enhance student learning. 


Bridges is a two-hour afternoon program designed for upper elementary students (ages 9-12). Unlike our morning program, Bridges provides skills-based instruction in English grammar and composition, with follow-up lessons and assignments meant to be completed throughout the week at home. This class utilizes specific curricula that effectively replaces any other language arts curriculum you may have previously used. An IEW Registered Instructor teaches these classes. They are designed to be repeated for 2-3 years. Bridges will give your child a solid foundation for writing well, from labeling words and analyzing sentences to outlining and summarizing a source text. A portion of this class is also dedicated to living math, which will strengthen your child's understanding of math facts and principles. To participate in Bridges, a student must be nine years old by the first day of co-op. 

Study Hall

A space to complete school work either independently or with fellow students. Interested parents may choose to offer certain classes or lessons as part of Study Hall. The eventual goal is to create a structured program for high school students, offering core classes in conjunction with or as a replacement of Study Hall. 

Scheduling & Classes

Co-op will meet on Fridays at 9:30 a.m. September through May. The morning program runs until 12:00 p.m. Afternoon programs begin at 1:00 p.m. Co-op will meet on Friday at 11:00 a.m. June through August.

Morning Program

ScienceScience enrichment with activities 

Fine Arts: Drawing, Literature, Music appreciation, Art history, Performing arts/drama

Presentations: Practice in public speaking

Memory Work: Scripture, Hymn, Poetry

Special: Varies throughout the year depending on parent interest and expertise. Ideas include culinary arts, games, craftsmanship, foreign language, missions, apologetics, dance, character study, etiquette, health & safety, P.E., library, music & movement, etc. 

Afternoon Programs 

Bridges: English grammar & composition with math.  

Afternoon Enrichment: History and geography enrichment with free play. 

Fun & Fellowship

June - August: Off-campus (not on MCBC premises) free-play, socialization, annual co-op planning.

Interested in Joining?

Membership in MCBC Homeschool Co-op is open to families invested in home-centered education who also have a desire to serve the homeschooling community. Families interested in joining need to send an email to MCBC (click here), download and read through our Community Handbook (click here), bring questions and completed forms to the Co-op Director (info to be provided via email). 


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