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Homeschool Co-op

Moose Creek Baptist Church desires to support those who choose to disciple their children through home education, therefore the primary objective of MCBC Homeschool Co-operative (Co-op) is to provide a Christ-centered, parent-led, community learning environment for academic and enrichment activities. Co-operative means families coming together, operating jointly to the same end: Christ.

We meet at least once every week throughout the year; academic and enrichment sessions organized by parents are September through May, weekly socialization and playtime organized by parents are June through August. Additional activities organized by parents may be offered monthly and quarterly; these include, but not limited to, Mom's Night Out, field trips, service projects, and special celebration days. Membership is per family and is $50 annually from date of application acceptance.   

Summer Co-op ends August 27.


2021-2022 Co-op Sessions 

New this academic year - sessions are open to both Co-op member families and non-members!

The 2021-2022 Academic Year is scheduled to begin on September 10th from 10:00 to 14:00.  

                  September 10 - Decemeber 17

First Semester Schedule

Time Elementary Sessions Leader High School Sessions Leader
10:00 LEGO© Club Makinen Physical Education (Qtr 1) Sapp
10:30 Math Club Yon Arts (Qtr 2) Sapp/Yon
11:00 Arts Sapp/Yon Cultural Analysis: The Reach of
Rome & The Hebrew Question
11:30 Physical Education Sapp
12:00 Lunch Lunch
12:30 Math Club Yon
1:00 Physical Science Sapp Biology Labs Makinen
2:00 Co-op Ends. Food Box Distribution 


Click on a class session to see an overview. Interested in joining our co-op or registering for just a session? Click here

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